As the first manufacturer of this type of machine in the country, region and Eastern Europe, we offer you a DPF filter and catalyst cleaning machine.

DPF/FAP filter and SCR catalyst cleaning machine:

- The machines are made entirely out of brushed INOX stainless steel, 304 – first class.
- Control unit with 2 operating modes, manual and automatic control.
- Modern software with a modern interface.
- The machines have a device that guards the main pump and regulates the filter washing pressure during washing,
which is very important, it protects against DPF damage during the washing process.

Machines that do not have pressure regulation do not provide SAFE and EFFICIENT washing of DPF and catalytic converters!

- The pumps are made entirely out of inox stainless steel, Lowara Italian - brand/company: A Xylem
- Solenoid and non-return valves that control operations during machine operation are BURKERT
manufacturer Germany - 2 year warranty.
- Electronics Germany and Japan.
- 7 Bar pre-drying and blowing option.
- All machines have a touch screen - Touch Panel.
- There are options for pre-drying and dual drying on the machine = this is our original innovation for now
- The option of dual drying allows for washing 10 filters in 8 hours.
- The machine has integrated filters, with the appropriate level of filtration that purifies the operating water.
They are durable and do not change, they are just cleaned.
- The water capacity in the L model is 330l, in the M model 200l.
- The measurement and reading of DPF contamination results is performed via precision pressure switches with
a written report before and after washing.
- Automatic water replenishment in the system.
- Economical power consumption achieved by installing quality devices - components.
- The price of the machine includes connectors for connecting the filters.
- User manual.

2 YEAR WARRANTY - new series 2021


1. It has an administrative part through which you can see:
   - how many hours the pump worked
   - how many hours the machine worked
   - number of washed filters
   - pressure switch calibration

2. Reports: daily, weekly, monthly and annual
3. Memory for over 100,000 customers
4. Read 5 filters simultaneously

We offer detergent (chemistry) necessary for washing filters, the same one used in the EU.
We have been using this chemistry in our DPF service for the past 3 years.

The machines have a CE mark and all the necessary certificates for export to the EU, as well as EUR 1 for duty-free export.

The machines on offer are in the INDUSTRIAL class because their electrical parts, PLC computer, Touch panel, pumps,
valves are resistant to industrial working conditions where there are certain impurities, moisture, inadequate temperature...

Optionally, we offer a NEW tool / connector that allows you to successfully treat cargo
filters on the M model programs including euro 6 filters.




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